Safety and Learning Bond

Your Target Range School

Our School: Safe and Smart

New, safe, secure main entrance

Safer hallways, restrooms, locker rooms.

New, updated spaces for science, art, maker space, robotics, STEAM learning

New band, orchestra, choir rooms.

New, safer drop-off, pick-up area.

Dynamic learning/breakout spaces.

Improved classroom grouping and grade separation.

Bigger cafeteria/multi-purpose/performance space.

Voters will decide

May 7, 2019!

Mail ballots must be received by the Missoula County Elections office by May 7.

Ballot drop-off available at Target Range School 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on May 7.

Improving Safety and Learning at Target Range School

Target Range School has a reputation for excellence. But there are ways to make our great school even better.

  • The school hasn’t had a substantial update in 25 years.
  • Some parts of the building haven’t changed in 50 years.
  • The front entry isn’t secure and the office staff doesn’t have a direct view of the front door.
  • The front drop-off area is busy and unsafe.
  • The school has a 1950s-style science lab.
  • Target Range doesn’t have rooms made for band, orchestra and choir.
  • The school was built before students had these opportunities. Kids play and sing in rooms that are too small and too loud.
  • All grades K-8 use a small gym as their cafeteria. Scheduling issues mean some grades must wait until after 1 p.m. to eat lunch.

Building on Excellence – Safety and Learning Bond

The Target Range School District asked neighbors, students, parents and staff to give us ideas on how to improve the school. They want to see:

A new safe, secure entry.

The main entry of the school will be moved away from South Avenue to what is now the back of the school. This will be the only entry for parents and visitors. There will be a secure vestibule. Front office staff will have a clear view outside and can lock the doors remotely if needed.

A safer drop-off/pick-up area and expanded parking.

Parents will leave and pick up their kids at a safe spot near the new front entry. There will be a separate drop-off area for the bus. This, plus more room to park, will eliminate dangerous traffic conditions.

New opportunities for STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) learning.

Proposed improvements would update the lab, add a Maker Space and area for studying robotics. Updates to the art area would make it safer by moving a ceramics kiln outdoors and provide more space for kids to get creative. Open learning areas would foster teamwork and collaborative brainstorming.

New band, orchestra and choir rooms.

These new learning areas will provide adequate space for students, their instruments and storage. Plus better acoustics to protect kids’ hearing.

A new cafeteria/multi-purpose area.

These improvements will eliminate scheduling issues and help kids eat at more appropriate times. This area can also be used for drama and music performances, as the school doesn’t have an auditorium.

Additional updates:

  • Better grade separation between elementary and middle school grades, centralized special education, counseling, Title One, speech area.
  • New, improved restrooms. A new staff restroom in the elementary area means teachers won’t need to be away from class as long, and ensure visitors aren’t using the same restrooms as students.
  • Accessible, safer locker rooms closer to the gym.
  • Updated kitchen to better serve the new cafeteria area.
  • Breezeways to serve new areas, reduce hallway congestion and improve supervision and safety of students.
  • Efficiency upgrades to mechanical systems.